Adult Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way to improve your golf game and are the foundation of The Academy at the Stephens Golf Center. Now more than ever, golf instruction is available with a simple keystroke or by pushing a button on your remote. We don’t believe that the information you can find on the internet or on the television is necessarily wrong, it’s just not tailored to your specific swing, body type, physical abilities and limitations, and goals. Our mission as your teacher is to provide you with a game plan for improvement.

Our instructors specialize in helping adult golfers of all ages and abilities, and our improvement plans are created knowing that golf is just one small part of your life. Utilizing the best instructional technology on the market is a staple at The Academy at the Stephens Golf Center. All four of our climate-controlled teaching bays are equipped with V1 Pro HD, the golf industry’s #1 High-speed video system. With this system, each of our teachers uses Boditrak pressure mat. The Boditrak allows us to measure how a student distributes the pressure in their feet during the golf swing. Understanding and improving the way we distribute pressure throughout the swing leads to a more powerful efficient swing with greater consistency.

Available with Andrew Stephens and Sara Stephens is Trackman radar and K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis. For more detailed information on all of our available technologies, please click on the technology tab above.

What is Included with a Single Lesson?

  • Climate controlled private instruction in one of our four teaching bays.
  • Use of the short game facility during the lesson
  • Personalized V1 Locker accessible through
  • Custom 2-4 minute lesson recap video sent to the student’s email, cell phone, and V1 locker. The videos include before and after videos, as well as applicable customized drills to help the student’s progress. These videos are permanently stored in a student’s locker and can be viewed as often as desired. Click V1 student login and ‘sample lesson’ for an example of this video.
  • Complimentary practice balls prior to the lesson and range balls during the lesson.

Private Lesson Instructor Rates

Andrew Stephens
Adult 1 Hour Lesson $120.00
Adult 30 minute Lesson $60.00
Sara Stephens
Adult 1 Hour Lesson $85.00
Adult 45 Minute Lesson $70.00
Jeff Kruempelman
Adult 1 Hour Lesson $85.00
Adult 45 Minute Lesson $65.00
Jerod Cahill
Adult 45 Minute Lesson $60.00
Ty Debonis
Adult 45 Minute Lesson $40.00
Adult 1 Hour Lesson $50.00
Amy Pugliano
Adult 45 Minute Lesson $40.00
Adult 1 Hour Lesson $50.00

Lesson Packages

Lesson packages are available from all of our instructors. Currently, lesson packages are offered in groups of 3 lessons and 5 lessons. Lesson packages are a great way for a regular to student to pre-pay lessons at a discounted price. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Please see below for our instructors’ available lesson packages and prices. Credits for purchased lessons will be applied to your account. 3 and 5 lesson packages do not expire.

Andrew Stephens
Adult 5 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $450.00
Adult 3 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $300.00
Sara Stephens
Adult 5 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons) $375.00
Adult 5 Lesson Package (45 Minute Lessons) $325.00
Jeff Kruempelman
Adult 3 Lesson Package (45 Minute Lessons) $175.00
Jerod Cahill
Adult 5 Lesson Package (45 Minute Lessons) $275.00

Committed Player Programs

Comprehensive Instructional Programs to take your game to the next level

At The Academy at the Stephens Golf Center, we offer multiple Committed Player Program options to fit the needs of our students. Our memberships are built around the concept of consistent instruction where the student and the teacher work towards the student’s goals one step at a time, rather than the traditional instructional model of taking lessons to ‘patch up’ a faulty swing. To truly improve as a golfer, it’s essential that the player has a game plan to reach their goals and receive more consistent instruction and training from their coach. Our Committed Player Programs have proven to be the best way a golfer of any age or ability can take their golf game to the next level.

CPP Monthly Membership

  • $75 per month of Andrew Stephens
  • One Lesson per calendar month, minimum of a 1 year commitment is required
  • 60 Minute lessons with Andrew Stephens
  • 30 Day Advanced Booking
  • 20 Percent Discount on additional lessons

Unused lessons DO NOT carry over to future months, and lessons are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All lessons are scheduled through our website. Lessons are not guaranteed to fit within a student’s availability and its the responsibility of the student to book in a timely manner that allows a lesson that fits their schedule.

*All CPP Memberships require a 12 month commitment. Lessons can be scheduled through the ‘book a lesson’ section of this website. Lessons are available based on the instructor’s availability. Lesson availability is first come first serve and it is the student’s responsibility to book lessons that fit their schedule in a proactive manner. Should a member wish to terminate his contract mid term, they will be charged the rack rate per lesson they’ve taken unless their paid dues are of greater value than lessons taken. Membership dues are paid through a VISA, MC, or Discover card and billing is set up to recur once a month on the date the membership term began.


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